Thriving through cross-cultural innovation

Hyper Niche Market

There exists a hyper-niche market of knowledge & business transfer between Saudi & Japan, and it is a critical one. We are a group of Saudi consultants based in Tokyo, and over the past few years, we have taken on many different projects that focus on cross-cultural aspects and bringing the two cultures together. We have done translation projects, overseas training, in-between government consulting and many more. We believe that our unique position and expertise provide the exact needs for such a hyper-niche market, thirsty to transfer knowledge and expand its business horizon.


Mutaz Arif

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

The world changes by the way we decide to view it. I was fortunate to have grown up in different parts of the world, exposed to different cultures. After graduating from Tokyo Institute of Technology, I gained professional experience working for a Japanese IT company. Then the pivot happened after attending Draper University which made me eager to start my own journey with my friends. My expertise are mainly in simplifying the complex, and bringing great talents together for a greater cause. People say I am action-oriented, thus I hope to make a difference in your life!

Abdullah Alkhatib (Aki)


Designer, creator, enthusiast, inventor - I go by many names. Globally raised, I developed an international awareness and diverse understanding through my ability to comprehend new content and instantly adapt to the extraordinary environments I was faced with. The accumulation of these experiences indulged to create a whole of my persona, as I gathered the puzzle pieces of knowledge, culture, and experience to shape the image of success. Prominent for my strength in challenge, exploration and adventure, I continue to strive to conquer the tasks at hand and without doubt make most of any given opportunity.

Making a difference 2015-2020




Team Members


Saudi Staff


Years Experience in Japan


Overseas Training & Delegation
Education, Business & more

Knowledge transfer between two cultures requires physical attendance and face to face interaction. We facilitate everything from planning & coordination, to the actual execution of the project, and providing adequate translation & interpretation.

Project Management
Cross Cultural

Working with different cultures can be difficult. With our level of understanding of cultural aspects, we offer a range of depth of interaction from the support of the ongoing project, all the way to systematically building a project management practice in the organization.

Media & PR
Tell your story

Conveying the untold stories of a culture is at the heart of what make people take action. Aside from having our own media, we utilize such expertise and work with Saudi and Japanese PR firms to help communicate your true story to the suitable audience.

Research & Marketing
Minimize the risk

The first step to enter a new market is to understand what that market is all about. Through our extensive network of partners in Saudi & Japan, we will extract the knowledge you need to make you fully understand the market before you dive in, and market to the right audience.

Design & Products
Express yourself

Design is in our DNA. We believe that it is the most important subtle form of expression. We care about your message. Our experienced team of international creatives will provide you with all your needs such as graphic design, video production, copywriting, and branding.

Coaching & Advisory
Esoteric Knowledge

Due to our unique position between Japan and Saudi, and our extensive experience, it is inevitable that we share our esoterical knowledge to both sides in a coaching & advisory capacity. 10 years worth of knowledge and experience at your disposal.